The next step in decoding DCC has arrived!

Available from now: the Arcomora DCCNext DCC decoder!

What is it:

A single pcb that combines an Arduino and the existing Arcomora DCC/Power shield.
It is a DIY kit that you have to solder yourself.

It contains:

  • Internal power supply. Input: 9-16V  AC or DC
  • Input for DCC with led indicator  and decoder circuit
  • ATMEGA328P processor
  • 16 Outputs or inputs for controlling accessories and servo’s.
  • Outputs with Dupont pins (for servo’s) or screw terminals
  • Separate 5V input for servo’s
  • Additional 5V output for testing purposes (no servo’s)
  • Can also be powered by external 5V.
  • Status led
  • Power led
  • Servo power led
  • Reset switch

To keep the price low there is no USB interface on the board.
But an external USB interface(CH340) is also available.
It can be used for multiple DCCNext decoders.
So you need only one!
That saves money.

You can also use a FTDI interface if you already have it.

Also available is a housing box for a more  protected mounting.



  • You can create your Arduino sketches for processing  a  DCC signal and upload them to the DCCNext.
  • Upload the Mardec 5.0 sketch for use as multipurpose DCC decoder for accessories and servo’s.
  • Upload the  ArSigDec sketch for use as signal decoder.

The board has three power options:

  • Internal. Circuit powered by internal power
  • Servo. Circuit powered by the 5V on the terminal for servo power
  • External. Circuit powered by the 5V terminal


You can make a reservation for:

The DCCNext decoder DIY kit. Contains the pcb and all components. Price: €7,50

The USB-Serial interface including a cable.
Price: €2,95

Type: CH340

A box with text stickers. Price: €4,25

Or a combi-set of all three parts. Price €13,95

Click here to go to the reservation page

4 thoughts on “DCCNext”

  1. Hello Nico,
    In the dutch “Montage handleiding DCCNext” i see a LED between pin 3 and 4 of the 6N137. In all other schematics i know of there is a 1N4148 in that place. Is the LED indeed functioning the same as the 1N4148? Futhermore is the 220 pF capacitor placed between pin 2 and 3 of the 6N137. In the DDC circuit shown on page 7 of arsigdecmanualdb.pdf there is a 100 nF capacitor between pin 8 and GND. Can you explan the different choice to me?. Can I build the DCC circuit part as shown in the DDDNEXT diagram als a saperate single board as well?
    Thnks in advance for responing.
    Greetings, Chris de Groot

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes the led functions the same as a 1N4148, so don’t worry.
      Do you really think that I would sell it if it doesn’t work?
      The 220pF capacitor also occurs on other schema’s of the DCC circuit.
      Capacitor C4 of the DCCNext functions as the 100nF on the DCC/Powershield.


      1. Hello Nico,
        Thank you for your answer. Ofcourse I know it works, but I am not that experienced in electronics. I just wondered, and liked to know.

  2. hello Nico

    I have built 2 dcc next decoders.
    one configured as a mardec, the other as arsigdec
    They both work fine, without any problems at all
    Thank you

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