There are a few video’s available about Installing an using Arcomora software.

Install and configure the software (Ruud Boer, English)

Configure an On Off Accessory (Ruud Boer, English)

Configure Double Port Accessories (Ruud Boer, English)

Configure a servo (Ruud Boer, English)

How to use Arsigdec with Rocrail (Jan Verley with only English subtitles)

Seinen configureren met Arsigdec en Rocrail (Albert Grit, Nederlands)

A review of the DCCNext by Little Wicket (English)

Using relays for frog point polarization (Ruud Boer, English)

More Arcomora video’s (My YouTube channel)

Introduction to Mardec (Model Railroad Techniques, English)

Introduction to servo’s with Mardec (Model Railroad Techniques, English)

Okkie as S88 occupancy detection with Märklin CS2 (PVL Modelspoor, English subtitles)

Stroomdetectie met Okkie en DCC++ EX centrale (Albert Grit, Nederlands)

DCC/Power shield et DCCNext (Eric Francineau, Francais)

Configuration des signaux avec Arsigdec (Eric Francineau, Francais)

Configuration des servo’s avec Mardec (Eric Francineau, Francais)

Configuration de TrainController avec Arsigdec (Eric Francineau, Francais)

Signaux SNCF avec un ARSIGDEC (Eric Francineau, Francais)