Download here the Arcomora Software.
The download is a zip file that contains a Windows Installer file (arcomora.msi) and the installation manuals.
The package contains:
Mardec 6.1, Arsigdec 3.1, Arloco 3.1 and DCCMonitor 1.1.
Also a tool (+manual) for uploading sketches and creating shortcuts is included. It supports uploading of all sketches to UNO/DCCNext, Nano and MEGA2560.

There will be NO UPDATE version.

No DCCshield or DCCNext?
It may easier to use the pin-version of Mardec 6. This version uses the physical pin numbers of the Arduino instead of the port numbers 1-16.
Download here: Mardecpin (6.0)

Mac or Linux?
You can also download only the Arduino sources (*.ino) and the required libraries. You also need the Arduino IDE for Mac or Linux

To be sure you have the latest version of a manual always download it here.

Download hier de Mardec handleiding (6.1)
Download hier de Arsigdec handleiding (3.1)
Download hier de montage handleiding voor de DCCNext decoder
Download hier de montage handleiding voor DCC/Power shield
Download hier de Arloco handleiding (3.1)
Download hier de Arsigdec met Rocrail handleiding (Eddy Luursema)
Zie ook

Download here the Mardec manual (6.0)
Download here the Arsigdec manual (3.0)
Download here the Arloco manual (3.0)
Download here the assembly manual for the DCCNext decoder
Download here the assembly manual for the DCC/Power shield
Download here the recipe for fixing a bootloader
Download here the Arsigdec with RocRail manual
Download here the  connecting an ArLoco to a MGV85 with Rocrail 
(Thanks Huub Bakker)
Addressing accessories in Rocrail
Download NMRA-Rocrail address conversion tool
(Thanks Ron Kraaijkamp)
Thanks to Tom Busza for the English translation.

Telecharger ici Mardec manual (6.0)
Telecharger ici Arsigdec manual (3.0)
Telecharger ici Arloco manual (3.1)
Telecharger ici manual Upload Tool
Telecharger ici instructions de montage pour DCCNext decodeur
Telecharger ici construction manual pour le DCC/Power shield
Telecharger ici comment de réparer le bootloader
Merci a Xavier Bouillard et Jean-Michel Bapt pour la traduction Francais.

Laden Sie das Mardec-Handbuch hier herunter. (6.0)
Laden Sie das Arsigdec-Handbuch hier herunter. (3.0)
Laden Sie das Montage Anleitung von DCCNext herunter.
Laden Sie das Rocrail und Arcomora handbuch hier herunter
Vielen Dank an Carl Jaeger und Ferdinand Görtz für die deutsche Übersetzung.

DCCNext – Istruzioni di montaggio.pdf